The BabyClouds Baby bean bag velvet top combined with thousands of beads gives your child that cloud like feeling by distributing the weight across the entire Bean Bag.

Luxury at its finest with out the Cost you'd imagine!

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Whether you’re going out to the park or to friends and family, The BabyClouds Baby bean bag is nice and light and easy to move around. With its unique high quality and heavy duty polyester base, you are able to move around indoors and out!

Changeable covers

With our BabyClouds beanbag, it grows with your child. Two specially designed base covers means that the BabyClouds bean bag can be used for your child from birth to the age of 5 years!

Health Benefits

This is not just a very cool and trendy bean bag! Check out the Health Benefits section to Learn more on how this bit of kit will aid and help your baby's development.

Stand out from the rest and gift a BabyClouds Beanbag today! A great gift for expecting parents or new parents. A perfect Baby shower gift or why not treat your self today and make life that one bit easier.

Health Benefits

Not just a good looking product

Helps Prevent Flat Head

Babies’ skulls are made up of several plates of bone which are loosely held together. As they grow older the bones will gradually join. However,

Reduces Infant Acid Reflux

Reflux is the word used to describe what happens when the stomach contents – food (milk) and acid - come back up into the gullet or into the mouth.

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